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Tuesday, June 08, 2004  

life is great.

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Friday, June 04, 2004  

I'm in NYC...if anyone cares...kinda lonely out here, but I guess i can deal with it for the summer. It's a new time for growth.

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Tuesday, June 01, 2004  

well, i thought i'd post this up just to bring back the feel of bloggidy blog. i'm leaving for NY tomorrow. Anyone wanna come visit??

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Friday, June 27, 2003  

So..."it's been a while, since..." I've blogged. School was done a while ago...Went to LTC a week ago. That was very cool. They spent a lot more time on models for building and working towards a theme for your campus instead of spending centuries on the mission and vision. I thought that was a really cool change from last year. I think though it might have been a little tougher for larger groups tho, because there are so many to give input and feedback making it take longer to find a common ground. Last year for me it was more about networking and meeting people, trying to get the word out that AACF will be starting up at Cal State Fullerton, but this year since we had something to build on it was very cool and productive. Jay, Tommy and I were able to come up with a theme base as well as verse by midweek so that our last nite we just prayed together and then went and shot some hoops outside hahahahaha. Awesome. It was definitely a solid way to end things. I didn't stay out as late as normal this year. Last year we'd be up worshiping til the break of dawn, but this year i went to bed around 12 on average with the exception of one nite. The weird thing is that this sleep patern has carried over, and it's just really weird. I get tired so early and wake up so early...AM I GETTING OLD!?!?! IS THAT WHAT IT IS!?!? It really sucks comin back from camp too. You get to spend 6 days and 5 luxurious nites with such strong and awesome brothers and sisters in Christ. Fellowship there just blows me away, but you come back home and it's just all gone. Reality check, but oh well. So our focus of theme this year at CSUF is Fellowship, Word and Legacy. Pretty vague yes, but we want to soak in this for a while before we come up with something catchy.
This is our theme verse/chunk o scripture for the year Acts 2:42-7

One other thing that's been on my mind is the future. I mean how hard is it to not think about it? You know what I mean?? It all revolves around wife, marriage and what are you gonna do for the rest of your life? I'm getting to an age where marriage is something to ponder about because it may happen soon it may not. Ideally I'd love to get married mid 20's maybe around 24 or 25, but that's after atleast a couple years of dating. Which means that finding that person I'd be around 22 or 23...or 21? haha i dunno. But then it makes the realm of dating a lot more important. You know? Recently i ran into this verse during devos. Ecclesiastes 7:14

Anyways....ya. I will come back to this some more most likely. I'm gonna jam on the ol geeetar.
This is micah...signing off...

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Saturday, May 03, 2003  

So lemme see here...Saturday...just sittin here workin. We had a good study last nite basically on the power of God, whether or not God cares, and how through rough times He will deliver us. Some pretty cool stuff. Ephesians 1:18-20 When i read this passage it inspired some lyrics in my head that go "I fall into Your arms, the very same arms that raised my savior." It boggles my mind that this awesome and powerful God knows each one of our names. "I have written your name on my hand" ( Isaiah 49:16) Just imagine your name on God's lips. How crazy is that!? I almost feel like God is preparing me for something intense though. In one of my devos earlier this week the verse was Colossians 1:24 and the devo was about suffering. Now when you hear the word "suffering" pertaining to us as Christians, what do you think of? Well I'd say we probably think of suffering for the sake of Christ, suffering for His name, we might suffer because of differences. I think of the girl who was shot in the Columbine incident because she said she believed in God. Well my devo raised this question "Are you willing to suffer for someone's salvation?" I thought to myself "wow, this really hits home." Would I suffer for someone's salvation. This reminded me of a story about this pastor giving a sermon and he began to tell a story of a father, the father's son and his son's friend who went on a boating trip out to sea. There was a mighty storm and it tossed the son's friend overboard. Well the son jumped in after him to try to save his friend. Keep in mind these were young kids. It turned out neither of them swam too well. The father realized he only had one life savor ring to toss. And in the time that he could toss the ring and reel one kid in, the other would drown. The father had to make a choice, he tossed the ring out and his son's friend grabbed on, before the friend was even brought back up on board his son disappeared into the depths. Why didn't the father choose his son?? The father and son were both believers in Christ, but the friend was not. When asked, the father would say "I will see my son again in eternity, but the friend was not saved." Well after service a person came upto the pastor and said, "I don't believe that story. I see the point, but I don't think any father would do that." The pastor responded, "It's a true story." The person then said, "How do you know?" "I was the friend." Responded the pastor. Are you willing to suffer for someone's salvation? Sure we are willing to suffer for Christ, but what about someone's salvation? Maybe you've already thought about this or heard this, but for me it is a new way of thinking. The biggest reason why this hits home for me is that neither of my parents are saved. I would be willing to go through extremes just to see them come to Christ.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2003  

So...This was the stressful beginning week. I had a midterm monday night then another midterm the next morning. So let's start with Monday. Woke up early, began to study, then went to class. Came back form class, took a nap, woke up and then i went to my voice lesson. K so this was my first voice lesson. I realized that I was just way too open or comfortable or something because like...Ok so here's the scneario: the class is in a lil room at a Ballet studio in Irvine....kinda random i know, but the voice teacher's name is Guy. So he takes me in and he says lets just jump right in. He has me do some scales to see what my range is. Then! He starts me off with a scale exercise where i have to make this noise doing the scales...K so remember in "Dumb and Dumber" when Jim Carrey goes "wanna hear the most annoying sound?" and he makes the wretched half screeching sound. Ya well that's what i had to do except i had to be serious and do scales with it. hahahahaa. And amazingly...it wasn't hard to keep a straight face and be serious about it. but ya so i had to make that sound but say "Nay" So here i am making a wretched "Nay" sound in front of a person i don't even know and i was ok with that. Just weird man. I had to do some other funny scales but it was cool. so ya. Voice lesson ended drove back to school. Took my midterm. I took a break and watched some Trigger Happy TV and Punk'd. So on Punk'd Ashton and Jessica Simpson decided to punk Nick (from 98 degrees, Jessica's husband). The punk'd crew came in with two white trashed trailers in front of Jess and Nick's house acting like Jess's distant cousins needing a place to stay for a while because they have no more money. ***sidenote****Now the thing is, Jessica Simpson and Nick were featured in a magazine regarding their stance on premarital sex, and both openly confessed their faith, which i thought was pretty cool. K back to punk'd, so...Nick just gets totally pissed off and starts cussing!!!!! I was just like....wow. To see celebs out of character and just in plain life to see how they live is quite interesting, but can be quite disappointing as well. So ya that was kinda lame. So then after those shows i started my long task of studying for my next midterm which was this morning. stayed up til 4:30 studying, trying to memorize around 88 pages of study questions and answers. Why, you ask? Because these question and answers are the exact one's that will be on the test. So i goto sleep. Christie gives me a wake up call at around 7. Class starts at 8:30, but i wanted some time to wash up and get a lil more review in. so i get up and start reviewing....and i just straight pass out!!! I wake up, look at the clock and it reads 8:50!!!!!!!!!!!! The feeling i experienced...can't put into words. My heart just sank. I scrambled for clothes and ran over to class. Class ends at 9:45. So i walk in and out of a class of around 200 maybe like 20 are still there taking the test. I was like...great. So i walk up to the prof. and he goes "may i help you?" I look at him and go...eh...i kinda over slept. He went "oh! you need a test" i chuckled. I sat down and i just pounded out answers. 50 question test...done in 15 minutes!!!!! Man that studying last nite helped out. I have to admit that i didn't know all of the answers but i was pretty sure about most of them. Anyways. Ya now the mad rush is over. Finished a database project not too long ago that's due tomorrow. And...I think it's time to chat with the Big Guy. Cool beans. Night nites.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2003  

Today was just another day...but ya. Practiced on the easter solo. ate...ate. slept. So ya ever since i setup the comment system it's funny how often it is used...makes me almost feel bad goin through the process or maybe it's just my stuff i blog is just so lame or dumb that people read it and are like..."....no comment" haha. k whatever. i'm done. nite nite.

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